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Created by Joseph Pilates in the 1920s in New York, it is a program consisting of more than 500 exercises based on concentration, balance, harmony and breathing and was born from the fusion of Eastern and Western disciplines. Its goal is to put in perfect mind and body in harmony to be able to work on elasticity, mobility and muscle tone. The result is a remodeled body and correct postural improvement.


It can be practiced by everyone with no age limit: women, men and adolescents and in any case by all those who want to regain their psycho-physical form.


Excellent in case of back pain, osteoporosis, neck pain, low back pain, sciatica, hernia of various types, various spinal pathologies, postural imbalances, during pregnancy and post pregnancy (subject to medical authorization) or you are simply following a new diet to lose weight. Very useful for those who carry out sedentary jobs or who are forced to stand for most of the day.the Pilates is the ideal program for you.


The main objective is the strengthening of the center of gravity called PowerHouse, which helps to support the spine, which in turn allows you to obtain an excellent posture.


Harmoniously strengthens the muscles without weight gain, improves joint mobility, increases cardio-circulatory and respiratory resistance, gives greater flexibility, corrects posture, makes you lose weight if combined with correct nutrition, aligns the body based on your centrality and develops body perception and self-knowledge.

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